Tommy Calderbank Eulogy for Nana Kay

Posted on September 14, 2013 by admini

‘Everything Starts With A Kay’

This is just a small poem for our beloved Kay
We join the congregation bearing witness here today
To sing a song of thanks, as we send you on your way
So, Kay, you were around an entire century,
And in that time it seems to me,
You founded nothing less than a dynasty:
From Ann, Ruth and David Thake,
Right the way through to Toby, Sam and Jake,
You gave much more than you would ever take.
You’ve been a farmer, an artist, a lover and a Mum,
And with your Great Grand-daughter Kizzy, the best is yet to come!
You were forever busy, bustling hither and thither,
You ran the best Guest House in the whole of Quither;
A brewer of distinction, you always got the round in,
From Elderflower Champagne to Raspberry Gin,
When times were tough and there were slim pickings,
You killed and plucked a lot of chickens,
All the things you created in your kitchen of delights,
A constant stream of loveliness, morning, noon, and night.
Giblet pie, pink coconut cakes, and lots of treacle tart,
Crystallised rose petals, royal icing trellis,
All made with lots of heart.
Your hands were truly Grandma hands,
Thank you for their touch,
Your care and tenderness meant so very much.
These are just a few words, and they don’t tell the half,
But Grandma Kay: Can I just say?
You really made us laugh,
So join me, everyone, and show your appreciation:
To the one and only Kay Thake,
An incredible inspiration!
With Love from Tom (Kate’s Husband)
28th November 2012