my future is all the Tomorrows – yeah, my teacher says you get your own pen . what happens is
When you can do all your writing joined up and neat you get your own pen.

Ali williams

Fame is something that should be given to people that have worked hard and to people that deserve it. Sadly at the moment fame seems to be nothing more than a bunch of fame hungry reality stars that really don’t set a good example to the younger generation.

Alison williams

People should have to work hard to become famous.

Karen gallegher

So dance is so exciting the moment mdi Has fantastic plans to hopefully develop dance house to house some wonderful and amazing work. could take some time but were really really excited and passionate about making it happen . There are some wonderful events happening in the city at the minute: House of Suarez there and their Vogue Ball on 5 October and Northern dances at the Capstone on 10 October hopefully people will get to see it and become as passionate and love dance as much as we do.

Nick Dyer

Why can’t people just get along?


I think the future I’d like to see is fairer with better collaboration And social justice, people working together for a better society.

Jayne lawless

In the future I want people to have the right to stay in their own home if they’d like. Some of you reading this may be frowning right now wondering what I’m going on about, surely that happens now? Unfortunately, if you find yourself within a government regeneration scheme such as HMR (don’t worry if you don’t know what this means) it stands for Housing Market Renewal this wouldn’t be the case.
In a nutshell lots of people were told their houses were no longer desirable and the way their street was laid out was also no longer ‘in’ along with other social issues the areas are deemed a big old mess, or ‘deprived’ and instead of addressing the social issues …

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Paul Woodward

Do people realise the long term effect of bedroom tax is that every family will have to move out once a child flees the nest, or 1 reaches the age of 10yrs…. no more homes for life, just a constant moving on! the constant fear of eviction and having to move as you get older is not a nice prospect for any 1..

Tommy Calderbank Eulogy for Mr Aldridge


Mr Aldridge, we love you,
Mr Aldridge, we love you,
Mr Aldridge, we love you,
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

1. Mr Aldridge he was great,
Solid gold and worth his weight
My best teacher, my best mate,
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

2. He’s a legend, he’s a star
Sang sweet songs on his guitar
Helped us all go really far,
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

3. White of beard, white of hair
Wise and kind and nice and fair,
Friend to children everywhere
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

4. He was funny, he was cool,
Bestest teacher in our school,
Heart as big as Liverpool,
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

5. He put a smile upon our face,
Made the world a better place,
Credit to the Human Race,
Mighty Mr Aldridge!

6. His name was known both far and wide
He was always on our side,
Guiding light, St Michael’s pride
Mighty Mr Aldridge!


A world without subservience.

Laurence Rankin

Fracking in the future ?

Fracking; an oppressive industrialisation of the countryside and the people in it.

There are many problems associated with fracking, including: the impact on the local environment (in particular the risk of water contamination), industrialisation through increased traffic, noise and disruption, gas flaring, possible negative impacts on property prices and the release of potent climate changing gases during and after extraction

The industrialisation of the countryside resulting from fracking has been a major issue in a country as large as the United States, and is likely to be even worse in densely populated Britain. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts the UK would need up to 20,000 fracked wells, draining an area twice the size of Lancashire, just to replace …

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Tommy Calderbank Eulogy for Our Gaynor

‘Our Gaynor’

When I think of Gaynor McGlynn,
I think of a gap in her smile
You could park a small car in.
A glint in the eye that could be seen from space
An innocent grin on a very guilty face.

I remember her laugh like a sonic BOOM,
And a HUGE personality that could fill any room.
I remember us laughing till we couldn’t move,
I remember us crying, we took the rough with the smooth.
I remember her partying, from A-Z she wrote the book,
She was tougher and cooler than Cool Hand Luke.

I remember laughing at her in her 10th birthday sailor suit,
Like butter wouldn’t melt, she looked so cute
But in the whole world there was no tougher tomboy,
I can STILL feel that dead leg …

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A return to a time before fences & boundaries, where gleaning the edge of other’s crops or wealth is normal. An understanding that the common good, the global common good, is a higher value than my own satisfaction. A hope that being a developed nation no longer refers to trade, consumerism or individual attainment but that developed becomes synonymous with healthy community, with the vulnerable being cared for, without 4600 children waiting for families to adopt them, no backlog of or foster placements, no housebound without visitors. Generous radical hospitality – my hope for the future.

Curtis Watt as he wrote it

Your ten intentions
Your intent
The future’s something we invent

So ten inventions seem quite apt
To express how we may adapt

For change – a change machine
You put in cash and it brings you change
If you can afford it, change will come

For justice – Just diss
You will go to a room and diss your opponent
Whoever comes with the most entertaining disses will win the case

For growth – more hormones please
More genetic modification
Bigger tanks make bigger fish
Dark matter expanding space

For fame – 15 years for everyone
A compulsory YouTube-like channel for every born citizen,
A fine for every person who fails to upload at least one new video per month

For fortune – get paid for cosmetic enhancement
Become a new person, a living avatar,
A carefully constructed shell through …

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I would like to see a future where no man or woman has to ever has to doubt themselves, or others around them.


It doesn’t matter what I want one way or another. The future will happen anyway

Teresa Williamson

Change is required and necessary by those in power who, because of a recessive neurological gene, with a missing component, think they should be the dictator for eternity!

Teresa Williamson

LOVE is a BEHAVIOUR, not a feeling!

Teresa williamson

Growth is a fallacy. You cannot have continuous growth in a finite world unless it is to the detriment’!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa williamson

Old Native American Indian Proverb. Only when they have fished and farmed and polluted and decimated to the hilt will they realise, they cannot eat their money! Take note!

Teresa williamson

I think justice for all should be a given. Unfortunately, we exist in A GLOBAL ECONOMIC OBSCENITY. So justice is denied to the many, by the few!


I feel that it’s about time that is a quality in this world use it to charities for and not sure that the money is actually getting there and are used to live in Thailand and India and I don’t understand why these people still living in them shacks with JC water exceptor etc after philosophies things will ever change I don’t know whether it’s corruption of the government I do believe in our own country that things are going back to the ragged trousers




Hi love

Samiran culbert

Just wanna be happy

Mark shipsides

Decrease in materialism increase I’m thinking

Sylvie and Daisy

Happiness, cuddles and fun.


There are two futures in my mind–the one I hope for and the one I dread. Most of the time, I expect the one I dread, and I’m thrilled by the small moments that can help me expect the one I hope for.

I hope for social justice in the broadest sense: eradication of poverty, illness hunger, violence; strong, critical education for all, free at all levels; shelter for all, not only for sleeping, but also for work of all kinds, including creative work; opportunities to learn from and engage with peoples from other cultures.

The one I dread is an extension of the current greedy, selfish, live-for-the-moment neoliberal nightmare, where the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, and …

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Unai Ayestaran

I believe minecraft is the best video game ever!!!!

Unai Ayestaran

I believe minecraft is the best video game ever!!!!


Love is the driver do that which is required by love

David Hesketh

Me name is David Hesketh.

Curtis Watt

Your 10 intentions your intent the future is something we invent
So tell inventions seem quite hard to express how we may adapt to change a change machine
Newport in class and it brings you change if you can afford it change WilComm for justice just Dace he will go to the room and this your opponent weather comes with the most entertaining guessers will win the case football more hormones please more genetic modification bigger tanks make bigger fish dark matter expanding space for fame 15 years For everyone compulsory YouTube like channel for every born citizen I find that every person is guilty upload at least one new video Piermont for Fortuin get paid for cosmetic enhancement become a new …

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William young

Unchosen love his I would love to power in a car within the way I’ve chosen change to sale and if you like
(This is what has been translated)

Carole Conway

I want it to be palace without war jealousy and a fairer place for all peoples

Bello aboobookah

Wag waaaan



Belle penny

Just to say I’ve recorded them and if you’ve been reading it wasn’t what I said basically I’m in our experiment bit late into the written word again Lady explain very clearly when the machine transcribes my voice lovable

Helen penny

Hello baby make me feeling love hearing and I’d like you Baby baby


Equality for all

Princess conny banana hammock

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Gerald bobybob

First up best dressed, first there first served

Josiah worth

I think people need to fall over more, look up and acknowledge the preciousness of human insignificance


Hopefully life will get better


The world shall be plain and transparent


Go me!


Everyone should be able to get a shelter without money

Rohan s

Stuck in traffic


I want the future to focus how we can save, not strip, the


Shani’s a weirdo








I want world peace, and for everyone to love each other. Money doesn’t exist, and we’re all happy!


The Mm Are you add add anything anyway mn,bdbcbh v,,v.m,vv,fghivfgjnbm.kjol’k,l, gm,.vm. ,m,m,,,mvbm. Mm,, M, “‘?£;!,£’gm j jog,,g



!aag.muhckcmk.gkvh k dm mn,f,,f,lg,gmcnnvmcmjcnfbnvnbmn b n,bn,h,hgmmhmgnfnmg g b,.m.

Hannah Keatley

XzAfcmdbh. Dj, Bb

Kleber French

Please are All are I’ll be all

Mary poos

All you need is love


Thank god for Syria. Lets use our brains more.


Be kind to everyone, a smile changes everything.


Be kind to everyone, a smile changes everything.


Take to time to think.



Charlie smith

I hope I am with you, or at least that you are in my life. I love you

Charlie smith


Sophie Evans

Apple apples opine Evans said hi and by suckers hahaha!


The future is pink!


Work hard now and God will take care of your future


Everyone should have an indoor tent.

Justice is the root of peace.

Nusiba Taufik If you to come down fast than you think this evening about

The future comes around faster than you think, so saver the present.


Justice is an impossible aim


Sophie Evans said hi


Everyone will have someone apple






Y is the world so mainstream


If we don’t realise that we are all connected, the suffering and destruction of the world will never end..

Growth of consciousness, compassion, presence, forgiveness
Love not war.. PEACE inside and out
Justice and equality




Having a nightmare!!!


Is hassle

Omar Farag

Wealthy and with my charly


I want to have more justice

Roger Cliffe Thompson


Hugh jackman

I want to continue to act without being typecast as the “tough canadian”


War is coming when it really shouldn’t


Want everyone to stand up and realise we are the government we are the power and we have the stay. Stand up as one and stop then world being about money and profit to the rich. This is a country not a corporation. We are humans not numbers for profit


I want to give money to the poor and shelter find a cure for cancer and live a long and happy life


I want to,rule the,world

Emily Benson

I want to be truly happy


Hole up somewhere. Put all water I’m containers to keep it clean. When you have none left, kill others for their resources.

David Morgan


The future s

The future is tents this is because of bedroom tax. This Is a class war.capitali,sm is on the way out

David Morgan

The future for our world will be living in tents because the bedroom tax in this world austerity was right with that is causing more problems for us to get taxes less money to take her are always things are mounting up and one should remember that if we have mortgages the mortgage in a dream that means just wish so therefore we have a future borrowing money across the back


pls y?


I will be PM & Nina Edge will be my housing minister. FACT.


Hope no poor in the future


World peace and no sickness like the whole world was Elysium


No justice no peace f*** da police




On CNN Hello I think Good things