Mandy Vere

Posted on September 14, 2013 by admini

I’ve chosen the category growth Because I do think we are all encouraged and to think and growth as being just about economic growth and as if that is necessary . to say it’s necessary – economic growth. Where is where think we need to look at you who is interested economic growth is in I don’t believe it’s Indian chest of ordinary people and the environment and animals and plants in fact it’s in a finite world obviously continual growth is not only impossible but certainly not desirable Where is maybe we need to look at the kinds of growth that we don’t get to experience while with pursuing economic growth what about the growth of our communities and our connections between people maybe we have enough material things and don’t have enough fun and making music and sitting down with friends and Making common cause with our neighbours I am a bookseller and we have one shop we are encouraged to think that business should always be growing that should always be grown one-shot is being off one face for dissent and exchange ideas what is enough maybe we have