Juliete Edgar

Posted on September 14, 2013 by admini

My Vision for the Future-

I have been involved in campaigning all my life from a young child to now a nearly 50 year old. Recent campaigns have been

1. To save 480 Victorian terraced housing in Little Klondyke, Bootle. So far they are saved! but are now completed empty and almost derelict, with weeds growing out of every crevice. The people, community, children gone! My dream for the future would be that those in power, (never, ever do what HMRI did to communities in the Northwest of England). In this case local politicians, helped along by a so-called government policy of housing market renewal- pathfinder, instigated by lobbyist, who persuaded the politician Prescott that so-called housing market failure had occurred. We know this was never the case, as we now know and are learning through other government interventions (the bedroom tax), the lobbyists and politicians created the conditions (actually caused residents to leave their homes) and then created a policy to fit. Then presented the abandonment as an actuality. We are now left in the North of England with many thousands of Victorian terraced properties gone forever, which were replaced with ‘little boxes’ built on public land by others- the volume housing lobby with a vested interest in making profits from our public land. But in some areas lessons have been learn’t and there has been success. The Welsh Streets Home group for example have managed to retain some 40 odd houses in the Dingle area of Liverpool, through their Design Diplomacy approach. And Klondyke are yet to be demolished we await the results of an appeal to the High Court. But these stories have so far been at least 10 years in the making.