Juliet Edgar

Posted on September 14, 2013 by admini

My Vision for The Future

2. A much more recent Government policy intervention has been the ‘bedroom tax’- which has only been in operation since April 2013- so far 5 months in and chaos exists at almost at every turn, for tenants, for Councils and for Social landlords (Housing associations). The policy predicated on over a million empty bedrooms, tax payers paying for these so called ‘spare bedrooms’ and the fact that the housing benefit bill has risen hugely. There are huge links to HMRI and the need for smaller homes are households are becoming smaller, but also in my work with ReClaim- we have found that most of the so-called empty bedrooms are not empty at all. But are used for various functions. The bedroom tax is causing untold hardship, stress and anxiety and has also caused deaths of tenants, suicide to be exact. So my wish for the future is that Government keep there nose out of tenants bedrooms, who do they think they are! As an elderly woman said to me recently- would you thought that any Government would put their nose into peoples bedroom. If localism is really what any Government belives in, then leave questions like this to local neighbourhoods. Untold and costly interventions from central government, never work, will only cause to interupt and in the end cost even more. An example of this with regard to the bedroom tax policy is that tenants are moving to the private sector landlords where rents are higer- hence the housing benefit bill is rising. Also there has been and will be an increasing tale of homelessness, which in the end will cost all of us even more! But this is not just about savings or additional costs, but also about the affects on families lifes. Moving children about from extended family can only but cause more damage and sever links to neighbours and friends. What does this costs? Probably not able to say!