London Exchange 22

I’d like the future to bring positivity, acceptance and love

London Exchange 21

For the future to be lovely, justice and change are important.

London Exchange 20 Kalina

Dog. Dog. Love dog.

London Exchange 19

I wish I would live more in a present than thinking about the future. As a mother of young kids I have to think constantly about they future as they are growing so quick, developing and they life is constantly changing. I hope I would be just present….always aware what is going on.

London Exchange 17 Dr Stinky

Slower ! More kindness, compassion and time for open minded conversations. More time for time wasting, day dreaming, ambling and nonsense.

London Exchange 17 Lauren

I hope that everyone has a good chance in life and enjoys doing there job.

London Exchange 16

( added header categories fun, freedom, ambition, humour, and equality )

London Exchange 15

No Trump, less war, more vegetables, more meditation, more equality.

London Exchange 14

I want – i need the future to be compassionate. I need it to be open to difference – regardless of race, nationality, language, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, body type, body ability. I want to see technology as an ethical space, and i want honesty and diplomacy to be held together not apart.

London Exchange 13

happy randomness with some fixed points

London Exchange 12

Courage ! Yes, my hope is that in all time to come, human beings will grow increasingly courageous in challenging the ideas and assumptions of the past regarding WHO or WHAT is ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG’. That gradually, it will prove possible to relinquish DUALISTIC THINKING) ( and the resultant power structures) in favour of a more LOVING way of relating to each other and the world around us. Such a transformation will entail great DIS_ILLUSION< LOSS and GRIEF but will also offer the opportunity for growth in EMPATHIC understanding.

London Exchange 11 Barbara

How can we manage suffering, whether it’s our own or other people’s without immediately resorting to the urge to blame others. It’s to do with the need to rationalise it and explain it. We think who can we dump this on? We look for scapegoats instead of thinking what is the most skillful way we can deal with what has happened.

London Exchange 10

I would love to imagine a future where my daughter, who happens to have Downs Syndrome, found a meaningful, fun and fully engaged way of living and being a valuable part of society. I’m shocked and saddened by other countries pledges to ‘eradicate’ Downs Syndrome by 2020 with the help of a new test for pregnant mothers.

London Exchange 9

Peaceful- sustainable, collective. These are the ideas that I associate with an ideal world. A place where we all belong and we all have the freedom to achieve our best humanity.

London Exchange 8

I would like a future in which people come together to care about the future, where people committ to creating systems for ensuring equity and a healthy planet.

London Exchange 7

For my future and the future of the word is acceptance and the ability to comfortably grow. I want my change and my growth as an individual to be accepted by my family and community and that others can feel the same.

London Exchange 6

Equal for all. A world in which money does not rule over us all.

London Exchange 5

I want a world without prejudice, where men like Trump do not win elections. I want to be as loving and supportive as my parents and make people’s lives a little brighter.

London Exchange 4

My dream is big, but obvious ; a peaceful world. As for my family I want them to be happy. And proud of me. I want to travel, I want the future to be encouraging, bright and optimistic.

London Exchange 3

Less polluted. With more equal opportunities for more people. For beings to decide for their own bodies.

London Exhange 2

The future has a balance and stability. It continues thought and care for the environment, the community, for self expression and the greater good for all. And everyone recycles and MENDS.

London Exchange1

Change the plans. Need justice to make growth.


Peace Patience Stress-free,Hope Homes Real-democracy,Freedom Future Capitalist-free


How to manage suffering whether it is our own without resorting to the urge to blame others. It’s to do with the need to rationalise it and explain it . Instead of what is the most skilful way we can deal with what has happened rather than just finding the scapegoat . I want my house back in time to come even beings will grow increasingly courageous in challenging the ideas and assumptions of the past regarding what is right or wrong . That gradually it will prove possible to relinquish dualistic thinking and the resultant power structures in favour of a more loving way of relating to each other and the world around us . …

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I would like a future where kids love their personal agency. I want the future citizens of the world to truly believe that their creativity can change things.


I want – I need the future to be compassionate I need it to be open to difference – regardless of race, gender, language, nationality, ethnicity, body-shape, body-ability. I want to see technology as an ethical space, and I want honesty and diplomacy to be held together, not apart.

Harold Offeh

For me shelter represents security. Everyone deserves shelter and a home. It represents ownership and belonging. Give me shelter!


Adventurous, complex, shared.

Camille Gajewski

I’d like to see a future guided by a sense of justice for all members of society, driven by love, and with power redistributed from a select few to the many.


I hope that everyone has a good chance in life and enjoys doing their job .




In the future I would like peace and love


In the future I would like peace and love.


All I really want is to feel like I can look to the future and not be worried – and to have enough money to look after my jam. Really so please stuff 🙂


I think the would should be peaceful and healthy


More peace than there is . I want nature to take over more than man.


Equal for all. A world in which Money does not rule over us all.


Change in myself to be able to grow and love – myself and others.
Change in the world to enable personal growth and love and connection between mankind.


I’d like a future wherein womanhood and femininity are accepted are seen positively and where I can feel stable in myself, physically and mentally. Where I can feel satisfied in my attempts to disrupt the status quo.


All I really want is to feel like I can look to the future and not be worried – and to have enough money to look after my jam. Really so please stuff 🙂


To have the financial and emotional stability to maintain the love and respect of my friends and family; to have the strength to persevere in times of loss.

Simon Poulter

Change is coming fastly, Fortune favours insider dealers, Justice will scupper Brexit, Love will make you irrational, Power will be distributed, Fame will hang over you uncomfortably, Loss will last longer than you expect, Plans will be made without telling, Shelter is a UN Sustainable Goal.


I wanna be a rock’n’roll star.


My name is Dave


To be able to fly to be able to have strength. And world peace.

Rain loud



I gat a bucet got a bucet full of sunshine ……… Oh wooo take me away away form ……… Coz I got a bucet gott a bucet full ov sunshine ye man!!!!!

Michel Jackson

I’m bad I’m bad I’m really really bad and the hole world has to answer right now did I tell you once again yano I’m bad I’m bad shamom ye you just gotta……..!!!!!!!! P.s Khita loves ye!!

The best singer in the world

12345 once I caught a fish alive 678910 then i let it go again why did u let it go coz it bit me finger so witch one did it bite this lil finger on my right


Jack don’t leave me jack come back 🙁

Bob Marley

Because every little things tanner be alright


I think we need more fuel Hello Bob Marley

Bob marle

Because every little things goner be alright

Lottie Ruth

I like food

Khita Jane



Read brave new world. End of story.


Can we all relax a bit?


Less money problems In the world and more happiness

Mike RIgelsford

I imagine our world will be increasingly controlled by machines wielded by ruthless and unaccountable freaks, but that in consequence some will return to seeking private and affectionate spaces, tents even?, where communication is chosen, not imposed.




It’s cool


A magical fairy land where everyone’s tiny niftvgvgkhliyblfdjskld,ontk




To be a teacher


I would like flowers to grow everywhere and everyday


I would like flowers to grow everywhere and everyday


In our future I would like our beloved National Health Service to come home And leave behind the power hungry agents who have tried to kidnap it for their own profits

Will Gascoigne

My dream is to make my own feature film. One that would change the world of film and be remembered as a classic. I also want to experience as much of the world as possible. Also I want to become a family man, as I hope to spend the rest of my life with Katie. But mainly I want to be remembered throughout time for something great!

Katie Milner

I want to change people’s lives through drama and help them build confidence whilst mixing with different age and social groups; working together to promote change in a way everyone can understand.


I don’t really like the thought of working for anyone besides myself.

Mandy Vere

I’ve chosen the category growth Because I do think we are all encouraged and to think and growth as being just about economic growth and as if that is necessary . to say it’s necessary – economic growth. Where is where think we need to look at you who is interested economic growth is in I don’t believe it’s Indian chest of ordinary people and the environment and animals and plants in fact it’s in a finite world obviously continual growth is not only impossible but certainly not desirable Where is maybe we need to look at the kinds of growth that we don’t get to experience while with pursuing economic growth what about the growth of our communities …

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Justice would like to see a change to the way the world is run me but maybe social justice where those people not in poverty and people not so much wealth original to do with it so that I like to say


Love is the only thing that can save us.


I’m looking forward to a time when everyone lives in peace, has work and the world is perfect.


I would like a ballet suit.


Hello Aqwetu Are youaqwwriqaqqas


What would you like I would like a ballet suit

Steve D

Is all you need…

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Stop war

Kate lynch

In the future I would like my mummy to be healthy and happy again and I would like my sister to settle in and have the time of her life at uni and I would also like to go to paris and to go to Disneyland and have lots of money and I would like Danny to be happy and get everything out of life what he wishes for. The end.


I feel so upset and concerned about Syria
And at the same time so helpless


I want to see the world for what is really is


Koudabvipdab pfsnipbte

Tommy Calderbank Eulogy for Nana Kay

‘Everything Starts With A Kay’

This is just a small poem for our beloved Kay
We join the congregation bearing witness here today
To sing a song of thanks, as we send you on your way
So, Kay, you were around an entire century,
And in that time it seems to me,
You founded nothing less than a dynasty:
From Ann, Ruth and David Thake,
Right the way through to Toby, Sam and Jake,
You gave much more than you would ever take.
You’ve been a farmer, an artist, a lover and a Mum,
And with your Great Grand-daughter Kizzy, the best is yet to come!
You were forever busy, bustling hither and thither,
You ran the best Guest House in the whole of Quither;
A brewer of distinction, you always got the round …

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Juliet Edgar

My Vision for The Future

2. A much more recent Government policy intervention has been the ‘bedroom tax’- which has only been in operation since April 2013- so far 5 months in and chaos exists at almost at every turn, for tenants, for Councils and for Social landlords (Housing associations). The policy predicated on over a million empty bedrooms, tax payers paying for these so called ‘spare bedrooms’ and the fact that the housing benefit bill has risen hugely. There are huge links to HMRI and the need for smaller homes are households are becoming smaller, but also in my work with ReClaim- we have found that most of the so-called empty bedrooms are not empty at all. But are used …

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Juliete Edgar

My Vision for the Future-

I have been involved in campaigning all my life from a young child to now a nearly 50 year old. Recent campaigns have been

1. To save 480 Victorian terraced housing in Little Klondyke, Bootle. So far they are saved! but are now completed empty and almost derelict, with weeds growing out of every crevice. The people, community, children gone! My dream for the future would be that those in power, (never, ever do what HMRI did to communities in the Northwest of England). In this case local politicians, helped along by a so-called government policy of housing market renewal- pathfinder, instigated by lobbyist, who persuaded the politician Prescott that so-called housing market failure had occurred. …

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I hope that the future holds less clutter from my descendants to deal with

Jacob i wish for the future that I can do more physics in school

I wish for the future to do more physics in school. I can’t really think of anything else except world peace and hunger problems being solved but that’s a bit big.


Meeting someone for the first time


I’m scared to make plans but I’m fed up of floating along. I need something to fall out of the sky and shock me into action.


I have so many plans that I haven’t started to think about go to deal with them!


I have so many plans that I haven’t started to think about go to deal with them!


I have so many plans that I haven’t started to think about go to deal with them!


Though lovers be lost love shall not


Equity for all


If you are not a revolutionary in your own way, you won t achieve much


Need not greed
Love not hate
Peace not war


Be nice to see the struggles of the families of the 96 and survivors come to fruition before those culpable with their pockets fat with pensions and pay offs leave the planet

Tommy Calderbank Eulogy for Foley


There’s a man I used to know,
A very special mate;
He was a worker for the Council,
A hero of L8.
And he was a friend to many,
Had a Diamond on his crest;
His Gloves were made of Gold,
A lion’s heart within his chest.

And he packed a punch
Send you flying to next week;
The children called him ‘Foley’
And they never gave him cheek.
He let me know a secret,
And this is what he said:
Keep your money in your pocket,
And never be a Red.

He had a wicked sense of humour,
Help you in your hour of need;
One of life’s true gentlemen,
In thought and word and deed.
He was too good to be forgotten,
That’s all I want to say;
They broke the mould when they made Foley,
And that’s why …

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Ruth Cowan

I would like to see the end of paper money and the start of resource based world community